Professional services

Since 1990, Graphic Communication Recto-Verso, uses the diverse knowledge and creativity of its team, to offer highly professional services.

Communication Graphique Recto-Verso has a business vision focused on excellence and service and ensures you a well thought out concept, with a distinctive design tailored to your image.

Whether for visual identity design, publishing design, digital publishing, photography or printed solutions, Communication Graphique Recto-Verso ensures your satisfaction at every stage of production.

Communication Graphique Recto-Verso submitted a bid, responding to the invitation EN578-171581 / C – Graphic Design SO.
April 15, 2019 Public Works and Government Services Canada issued a standing offer.
What are the Standing Offers.

You need graphic design services for a specific purpose, and that your projects must be done as and when you need them, so do not hesitate to contact us.

Réjean Cloutier, artistic director and project manager